NSIP Creates Searchable EBV Database
October 13, 2017

Funded in part by an American Sheep Industry Association Let's Grow grant, the National Sheep Improvement Program is taking ram selection a step further, putting pedigree and performance data at your fingertips with an online searchable database.

"This project focuses on disseminating the genetics for enhanced production and profitability into commercial flocks by making it easier to select rams based on EBVs tailored to the individual flock," says NSIP Program Director Rusty Burgett. "The database will allow producers to search by breed through all rams available that have the desired EBVs for productivity improvement."

The database is accessible though the NSIP website and easy to use. Simply plug in the breed group, breed, gender and preferred birthdate of breeding stock. Then supply the desired range of specific EBVs to meet your flock's needs.

Learn more at: http://www.nsip.org.