Updated Sheep Care Guide Now Available
September 1, 2017

A new version of the popular Sheep Care Guide is available from the American Sheep Industry Association in both printed form and online in a pdf format.

Originally produced in 1996 and first updated in 2006, the Sheep Care Guide was developed to serve as a reference for the sheep producer using a variety of management and production systems and has been written in recognition of an ethical responsibility for the humane care of animals.

It is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all aspects of animal care. Supplemental information on such topics as breeding, feeding, housing, predation, health and management is available in other publications including those listed in the References section.

Dr. Ruth Woiwode with Food Safety Net Services assisted ASI in revising the guide, which was then reviewed by a vast team of educators, sheep producers and industry experts.

An online version is available at: http://sheepusa.org/ResearchEducation_Publications_SheepCareGuide.