Footrot Webinar Archived for Future Viewing

Nearly 160 sheep producers from 42 states and four Canadian provinces took part in the latest webinar sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Association's Let's Grow Program earlier this week.

Preventing and Controlling Footrot in Sheep was led by Michael Neary, Ph.D., the extension small ruminant specialist at Purdue University's Department of Animal Sciences.

"This was an informative webinar," wrote one participant in a post-webinar survey. "I have had to deal with footrot years ago and am worried with our wet conditions that we may see it again in our range operations. I liked the introduction of new ideas - like limited trimming. Plus, reinforcement of basics - like maintaining the hoof wall and sole."

"I joined the webinar thinking that it may not be worth my time - I was WRONG," added another participant. "I learned details that will be put into use in the next week."

For those who couldn't make the live presentation, the webinar has been archived for future use - as are all of the webinars produced in conjunction with Optimal Ag Consulting.

Click Here for a recording of the event.

Click Here to view the slides used in the presentation.