Idaho Grizzly Euthanized After Killing Sheep

A grizzly bear that liked to hang around the Garwood (Idaho) area last summer before being relocated to Boundary County near the Montana state line was euthanized last weekend after killing livestock north of Bonners Ferry (Idaho).

Fish and Game and Wildlife Services employees set a snare near a residence not far from Copeland, Idaho, Craig Walker of Idaho Fish and Game said.

The bear had killed several sheep between Porthill and Copeland. "It killed I think half a dozen sheep during last week," Walker said.

The 3-year-old male grizzly, which weighed about 275 pounds when it was transported last summer as a 2-year-old, was euthanized to prevent it from returning to the area and killing more livestock, Walker said. The bear was captured near Garwood in September after property owners there said the bear tried to get into chicken coops.

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Source: Post Register