2014 ASI Convention Presentations

ASI Executive Board
Lamb Industry Roadmap - Robert Ludwig, The Hale Group
AMS Update - Craig Morris, Ph.D.

ASI State Executives / Contacts Meeting
Your Lamb Checkoff - Megan Wortman

Let's Grow Committee
Webinars of 2013 - Jay Parsons, Ph.D.
Sheep SD Update - David Ollila
Tri-State Program for Ethnic Marketing - Richard Brzozowski, PhD.

Wool Council
Wool Fiber Thickness Grading by Image Processing - Reid Redden, Igathinathane Cannayen, Christopher Schauer
Near Infrared Spectrometry for Measuring Wool - Dr. John Walker, Dr. Chris Lupton, Andre Watanebe, Daniel Rigueiro, Faron Pfeiffer
Wool Quality Improvement Program - Ronald Pope, Ph.D.
Wool Market Update - Randy Hammerstrom
Havelock Wool - Stephen Fookes

Emerging Entrepreneurs
Lamb Markets: Perspective and History - Randy Hammerstrom
Direct Marketing/Non-Traditional Market Opportunities for Lamb - Megan Wortman, Laurie Hubbard, Joanne Evans and Nick Forrest
Flock Management Practices - Rodney Kott, Ph.D.
Positioning Your Business for the Global Economy - David Kohl, Ph.D.

eXtension Sheep CoP
Sheep CoP – 2013 First Year Review - Lisa Surber, Ph.D.
A New Resource for Sheep Producers – eXtension Sheep CoP - Lisa Surber, Ph.D.

Genetic Stakeholders Committee
Enhancement of NSIP: Why its not the 1980s version - Reid Redden, Ph.D.
Using NSIP in the Industry: Confessions of a Retired Sheep Specialist - Rodney Kott, Ph.D.
How to stretch the impact of your genetics: a cooperative breeding program that really works - Kreg Leymaster, Ph.D.
How to Breed or Select Terminal Sires to Improve Your Lambs When Marketed In a Value-Based System - Dave Notter, Ph.D.

National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) Meeting
England’s Better Returns Programme

Animal Health Committee
CVM’s Antiparasitic Resistance Management Strategy - Dr. Anna Obrien
Overview of Disease Testing: What Test for What Purpose for Major Diseases - Dr. Cindy Wolf
Q Fever Infection: An Overview of Public Health Response - Dr. Julia Murphy
NAHMS Sheep 2011 - Dr. Katherine Marshall
Scrapie Program Update - Dr. Diane Sutton

Production Education and Research Council
U.S. Sheep Experiment Station Update - Dr. Bret Taylor
Overview of Sheep Research at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center - Dr. Kreg Leymaster
Sheep and Wool Research in the U.S., a Perspective - Dr. Rodney Kott
Research Coordination and Ongoing Experiments - Dr. Will Getz
Livestock Protection Research - Dr. Larry Clark

Lamb Council
Lamb Market Outlook - Dr. David Anderson
Preferences and Complaints Associated With American Lamb Quality In Retail and Foodservice Markets - Dr. Keith Belk, Henry N. Zerby, Dale R. Woerner and Travis W. Hoffman
ASI Recommendations for LMR Lamb Reporting - Mike Lynch
Lamb Instrument Grading -- Lamb Tenderness Standard -- Carcass Grade Standard - Dr. Lawrence Yates
Tri-Lamb Group Nutrition Program Update - Allison Beadle

Resource Management Council
Public Lands Council Overview - Dustin Van Liew

ASI Board of Director Meeting
The National Council of Textile Organizations - Mike Hubbard
The American Lamb Industry Roadmap Project - Bob Ludwig, The Hale Group
NSIIC Report - Glen Fisher
An American Wool Success Story with the 2014 U.S. Olympic Team - Jeanne Carver, Ore.
Domestic – Bighorn Sheep Research"> Dr. M.A. Highland
PERC Review - Susan Shultz

Saturday Lunch Speaker
10 Reasons to be Optimistic About Agriculture - Dr. David Kohl