2016 ASI Convention Presentations

Video from the 2016 ASI Annual Meeting is available on the ASI YouTube Channel at SheepUSA1 or at www.sheepusa.org at News and Media > Video

Executive Board

GIPSA Reform Efforts and Scrapie Rule - Chelsea Good, VP Government and Industry Affairs, Livestock Marketing Association

Genetic Stakeholders Committee

Melding genomics and quantitative genetics in sheep breeding programs: Opportunities and limits -- Dr. Ron Lewis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

How NSIP Has Benefited My Sheep Operation Producer Panel
Fahrmeier Katahdins Wellington, Missouri - Lynn Fahrmeier
Bunkerhill Farm, Ohio - Bill Shultz
Hughes Newford Co. Targhees, Montana - Betty Sampsel

Animal Health Committee

VFD and What it Means to You - Dr. Tim Turner
Scrapie Program Update - Dr. Diane Sutton, USDA / APHIS / VS, Sheep and Goat Health Commodity Team Lead

Production, Education and Research Council

Research, Education and Development Priorities for the U.S. Sheep Industry - Dr. Larry Miller
Mycoplasma ovis Investigating an under - recognized sheep pathogen in the United States (Not to be confused with Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae) - Dr. Maggie Highland, USDA/ARS/ADRU, Washington State University
Productivity Best Practices: It all began with the Roadmap... - Dr. Rodney Kott

Resource Management Council

Introduction to Working Dog Liability Insurance - Burdell Johnson, Food and Fiber Risk Managers and Dave Bossman, AgWin

Wool Council

Make It With Wool Update - Mary Roediger, National MIWW Coordinator
U.S. Sheep Shearer Meeting and Tag Placement - Wade Kopren, Wool Council Vice-Chair and Shearer
The Australian Wool Market, Raw Wool Quality and Wool Prices - Chris Wilcox, Chairman, Market Intelligence Committee IWTO

Montana Wool Lab Update - Whit Stewart, Ph.D., MSU Extension Sheep Specialist
Comparison of AFD Methods -- Fibrelux v OFDA2000 - John Walker, Ph.D., Director of Research, Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center
Wool Testing Grant Update - Chris Schauer, Ph.D., Director, Hettinger Research Extension Center, North Dakota State University

Sheep Shearing Trailer - Mike Schuldt, Schuldt Services – Custom Sheep Shearing
Military Wool Program Update - Mitch Driggers, ASI Wool Consultant
Territory Wools, Australian Wools and ASI Wool App - Christopher Dias, Agriculture Market Reporter, AMS/USDA

Short and Long Term Trends and Prospects for Wool - Chris Wilcox, Chairman, Market Intelligence Committee IWTO
Military Wool Update - Mitch Driggers, ASI Wool Consultant

Lamb Council

Livestock Mandatory Reporting for Lamb Update - Erika Sanko, California Wool Growers Association
National Lamb Quality Audit and SSQA Update - Karissa Maneotis, Colorado State University

Market Outlook and Costs and Returns - Dr. David Anderson, Texas A and M
Progress Report: Factors affecting sheep meat flavor - Dr. Macdonald Wick and Jerad Jaborek

Legislative Council

Livestock Theft - Captain Richard Shore, Chief Livestock Officer, Arizona Department of Agriculture

Let's Grow Committee

Opportunities and challenges for year - round lamb production - Dr. Richard Ehrhardt, Michigan State University
Progress Report on Year 1 Let's Grow Grants

Board of Director's Meeting

Lamb Industry Roadmap Update - Wes Patton, ALB Chair
National Sheep Industry Improvement Center Update - Steve Lee, Executive Director
National Livestock Producers Association Sheep and Goat Fund Update - Pierce Miller, Chair

Where to for Wool and Sheepmeat? - Chris Wilcox, Chairman, Market Intelligence Committee IWTO
Duckworth - Evan Helle, Partner

Legislative Action Council Update - Bob Leer, Chair
Production Education and Research Council Update - Susan Shultz, Chair
Let's Grow Committee Update - Mike Corn, Chair

Young Entrepreneurs

Explanation of ASI Committees, Programs and Structure - Clint Krebs, ASI Past President
The Necessity of Community - Ashley Yousling, Woolful Podcast Creator

Sheep Winter Feeding Management - Lisa Surber, Ph.D., WestFeeds Livestock Nutritionist
Duckworth - Evan Helle, Partner